This site is dedicated to lovers of natural light, natural beauty, in all its shapes and forms, and to bringing out that beauty in everyone and everything. To make you and those you love feel beautiful, even if it seems hard to believe right now. To capture and help you capture the sights – light, shadow, reflections… – of this incredible planet on which we live.

A different kind of studio…

The main philosophy of my studio is to take photos of people who don’t want to have their photo taken. This may well sound like the worst business idea ever, but the client that I am looking for is a client who doesn’t want to go to a traditional photo studio, who doesn’t conform to the modern idea of beauty, or who is just afraid of being in front of the camera.

We are all made up of many different people, we can be grandparents, parents, children or grandchildren; we can be brothers or sisters, friends, partners or lovers. All of these facets of our lives should be remembered in photos, yes, you could use your own camera to photograph these moments or you could come to me and I can create beautiful professional photos you can cherish for a lifetime.

Photo safaris to excite…

Whether you are a practised photographer or a nervous newbie, you want a chance to put your camera to good use. I offer tailored excursions and safaris in both urban and natural locations designed to surprise, tantalise the senses and capture the essence and natural light of the environment we explore together.

Drawing on my own passion for photography spanning four decades and the lessons learnt both as an amateur and a professional, I would love to be your guide for a day or a week through the breathtaking Pyrenees, idyllic mediterranean coast, sleepy villages or vibrant urban centres like Barcelona or Madrid. You will not only go home with amazing memories captured by your own fair fingers, you will have enhanced your knowledge and experience of photography, your camera and the location – and the relationship between them all!

A Helping hand…

I could teach you to take photographs as I do, but that would not be a good idea. You have your own style (even if you don’t know what it is yet), and that is what I can help you with. Perhaps you need to master the technical side of things, your camera with its many controls or your post-processing software with its impossible jargon. On the other hand, you may need someone to help you find and get the most from your subjects: urban landscapes, wildlife, natural landscapes, sports, models, etc.

Whatever your photo challenges, get in touch – I’m sure we can overcome them so you can be framing your world the way you want in no time.


Be Just Natural…

I invite you to have a look through my galleries to see how my style might bring some more natural beauty into your life. Since my passion is capturing that beauty, my goal is to create art from light – art you can hang on your wall or take with you.

Hand-picking some of my favourite photos, I spend hours ensuring a pure image, poring over different paper and reviewing printing methods and framing options.

I have also added some of my favourite images to every-day, useful objects such as clocks, cups and cushions, and even tote bags so you can be “just natural” wherever you are!

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