Back again

I haven’t been abducted by aliens (or at least if they did, they erased any memory of the event).

I haven’t been kidnapped (my family would have happily paid for me not to be released).

I have been busy, and stressed, during the autumn. I also turn molehills into mountains and that doesn’t help when I have to write up a whole month’s worth of activity peppered with images. So, from now on I will be writing less but more often, let’s see if it works!

I have written some things which I will publish in the future, but for the moment I’m preparing for a period shoot next Tuesday. I’ve spent the last two weeks scouting locations (by bike, so as not to add too much to my carbon footprint) so we have plenty of places to choose from to get the shots we are looking for. I met the model this week and we spent a couple of hours going through ideas that each of us had come up with. For me, it’s very important to include the model in the preparation stage (as well as the shooting stage) for two reasons: if your model feels involved in the shoot, they will ‘perform’ better as they have something invested in the experience; two heads are better than one. Let’s see how it goes on Tuesday.

I am also trying to be more active on Instagram – head over there and take a look!

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