December round up

If I’m ever going to do anything with this blog I have to start with a plan. My plan is to do a monthly blog about what I did in the previous month and what I have planned for the next month, so, let’s look back at November. Apart from trying to catch up with processing (a never ending story) I did five new photo shoots: two with models, two for the time-lapse project and one for selling a house.

The first photo shoot I did was with my main model, Sacriel, and we went out on Sunday afternoon to take some photos around the city. We had done this in October and found it a very relaxed way to have a photo shoot – beginning with a coffee and a chat and then walking around looking for locations that go well with the outfit that the model is wearing.

On this occasion, I invited another photographer along, it is someone I love very much and I knew we would compliment each other and not get in each other’s way. It turned out very well, while one of us was shooting the other one could be taking shots from the side or thinking about poses that would work in that location and/or with that light.

The next two shoots I did were for the time-lapse project. I went to La Seu Vella, which is a local fortified cathedral, and I took shoots for a time-lapse of the fog, which was coming and receding, this city is famous for. Unfortunately, the city is usually covered and that doesn’t make for a good time-lapse, but on this day, what I hoped would happen did happen, and the fog was blowing across the city. The next time-lapse that I did was of one of a local building called the Rectorat – although it is now a university, it was originally a seminary. The light could have been better. When I started it was okay, but the fog was blowing in and from time to time I lost the light, but I got a good enough time-lapse.

For the second shoot with models, we went to a village on a lake which is just over 30 minutes away from the city. The models wore some nice full length dresses and suffered in the cold wind for their art. We went to four different locations and made the most of the available light. When the sun finally went down, we went to a nearby restaurant where we had coffee and croissants to warm up/thaw out.

The final shoot was to advertise a house, there’s nothing particularly glamorous about that but it was interesting.

And what do I have planned for December?

Definite plans: I have a shoot with a hairdressing academy to show off their student’s work for the end-of-year hairdos for Christmas or New Year parties.  After that, I will be at a fashion show covering the backstage hair and make-up side for my client, and of course I will get as many catwalk images as I can because the hair and make-up have to work together with the dress. At both these events I’ll be trying out Profoto’s A1 flash and I can’t wait!

Then a little later, just before Christmas, we have a presentation of a project that I am doing with a couple of percussionists. We will be showing a music video that we recorded between last year and earlier this year (this is also why I need some more time-lapse footage) and we will be trying to get people interested in the project and to publicise ourselves.

There may be a trip to the Pyrenees to take some photos in the snow with a maternity shoot and also some cosplay work in the snow.

I’m sure a few more things will crop up as well, it’s difficult to say no when a suggestion is interesting.

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