Women and body image: perception vs reality

Liza offers an important lesson on women and body image and another reason as to why women should have their photos taken even if they don’t feel 100% certain about it.

She was quite happy about having a photoshoot, although she wanted to lose some weight beforehand. After several months of trying, I finally managed to persuade her to do a few photos before she lost weight then she would be able to see how much weight she had lost. We had the typical pre-photoshoot meeting and we talked about the style of photos she wanted and what she expected from the shoot itself.

She was quite relaxed during the shoot and enjoyed herself. When she saw the finished photos she was absolutely thrilled. She said that she didn’t expect to look so good in the photos because she thought that she was overweight. This is a typical reaction, what we perceive when we look in the mirror is not ‘reality’. We see all our imperfections and flaws, or what we consider to be imperfections and flaws, whereas others see us as a complete person, they don’t notice our self imposed defects they just see someone who is gorgeous.

Since the first session, we have done another session of photos and for that session she was far more relaxed about having her photo taken, less worried about what she dislikes because she knew that she looks good. We were able to introduce a range of clothes and jewellery and also the poses to show them, and her, off beautifully.

Which just goes to show what a good photo session can do for women and their body image.

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