Street Photography

This photo is from my album of anonymous people.

I like street photography but I don’t like approaching people and asking them if I can take their photo. One reason is because I’m painfully shy, and the other is because the photo will no longer be natural – once someone knows you are going to take their photo their behaviour will change.

So to get round these problems I take photos of people where they cannot be recognised.

Before this photograph was taken, the couple were walking along the wall which is part of the ramparts of the cathedral. I could see they were going to cross the gap. I was hoping to see the woman stepping or jumping across the gap to get some movement in my shot. I didn’t know that the man was going to help the woman in that way, which gave a better image than I expected. The gap is quite large and although it’s not very high, if you were to fall it would be quite nasty. One interesting point is that the man’s hand remained open at all times so he was providing help without being dominant.

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  1. Encarni Santiago Reply

    Muy bonita fotografía que explica muchas cosas de las relaciones entre las personas. Me gusta mucho tu trabajo. Saludos

    • Ken Reply

      Hola Encarni,
      Gracias por tu comentario. Intenté capturar el momento y la esencia de la pareja. A veces funciona, pero a menudo tenemos que seguir intentándolo. Eso es lo más genial de la fotografía: ¡siempre podemos mejorar!
      Un abrazo,

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