Wellbeing: finding your path through photography.

My bodyscape project is already about mental health. It’s my way of trying to undo the toxicity of a lot of images that you find on social media, which end up making people feel inadequate. Now I am going further and broadening the scope of my project. Photography has helped my mental health to a great degree, and almost all of my students comment on how photography helps them mentally. My bodyscape project is there to help people accept their bodies and this will continue. Part of my new project will be getting people in front of the lens to improve their self-esteem, to allow them to see themselves as they really are, and also for them to show other facets of themselves if they wish to. 

A woman's breast sprinkled with flour as if it were a snow-dusted mountain
A light dusting

The biggest change will be that I’m adding photographers this time. Being behind the camera is what helps me and many of my students. If you have a lot of stress or anxiety, then going out with the camera will help to calm your mind, especially if you like photographing in nature. I find that the camera allows me to focus and it’s my form of meditation. When I’m capturing something that I’ve seen, nothing else exists, I’m only interested in trying to define what it is I want in my image.

Blossom in the evening sun

If you have difficulty in leaving your home or finding time for yourself, photography and help you there by providing you with an excellent reason to get out and capture images. Although I work with language, I’ve always found that it never goes far enough. The words which would allow me to express myself concisely and clearly don’t exist, so, I use my images.

A camera is a tool, very much like a pen for a writer, or a brush for an artist. It’s a tool for you to show others how you see the world. Many people document, their daily lives, allowing others to see both the good and the bad.

The only thing you need to begin is a camera. That could be the camera in your smart phone, a cheap point-and-shoot, an analog 35mm, or an expensive Phase One. 

If you would like a chat to find out more about how photography can help you, just get in touch.

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