New month, new season

New month, new season – what happened to January?
I was preoccupied with something else at the end of January so I forgot all about the look back that I was supposed to have done, so I look back February will start with January.
Neither of my trips to the snow came about. One was planned and then cancelled due to model illness, and for the second trip I just didn’t have the time or a vehicle that I could use.
Also, the moonlight shoot was cancelled in January because it was just too cold due to the wind (I think I would have frozen to death so there was no way I could ask a model to go out on such a cold night). When I cancelled the moonlight shoot, I accidentally wrote in the message that we would try again in March, I meant to write February but it will be March because February was also quite cold with a nasty chill wind which would not have been good to get good photos.
I didn’t get around to doing much video or time warp work in either January or February as things have been a little hectic and I am hoping that now the weather is improving we can get some things done.
Other than processing I have done very little in either month. So far this year: on the 26th of February I did some promotional work for the hairdresser I work with and we have some planned for this month (March) as well. 

The second week of the beginner's course

I have also had to choose some photos from last year’s body painting festival because we have an exhibition coming up in March and each of the photographers is going to show five photos of their own choice. I hate choosing photos! There are so many things to take into consideration: The difficulty in getting the shot, maybe through movement or lighting then there is the beauty of the person or the work on their body and then you have to take into account what people would like to see – this is often the least important thing for me because I know from experience people have awful taste! Now I’ve insulted you I will explain: often on Instagram, people like a photo that has filters or a lot of editing (Photoshopped to death) and there is very little substance in the image itself. Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked, the photos have been sent for printing, maybe I should say have been taken for printing because my local printer who is five minutes walk away has closed and now I have to go across the city which involves getting the bike out (which is good get me out of the house and I get exercise more than just one day a week).

Art by

Looking ahead to March. I have some work to do in the salon and if everything goes well, around the 21st I hope to make a start on the full moon shots. The exhibition will be opened and I’m sure more things will come up. I am never short of ideas when it comes to photography!

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